Pushing the Health to extreme

Unbelievable benefits of sweets: pre-meal or post-meal?

Table of contents: What are sweets composed of? What is the difference between dessert and sweet? Benefits of taking sweets? Should you eat sweets before or after the meal? What are the side effects of taking sweets? How much a kid/infant must consume sweets/desserts? What …

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Herbs | Definitions, benefits & side effects

Table of contents: What are herbs? What are the uses of herbs? Amazing herbs and their benefits Are there any side effects of consuming herbs? Summary Interventions and preventions are not enough for a healthy body and mindset. A holistic approach is recommended through which …

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Physical therapy | Ancient Vs Modern | History & facts

Table of contents: What is Physical therapy History of Physical therapy Modern Physical therapy Summary What is Physical therapy? Physical therapy or physiotherapy is defined as the field of medicine that deals with the prevention, intervention, and diagnosis of several disorders/deformities, with the overall goal …

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Unbelievable benefits of Fasting once a year

Table of contents: History of fasting Fasting in Religion Intermittent or alternate day fasting and its types Benefits of fasting to the human body Benefits of fasting for society What to eat after breaking fast? Difference between fasting and caloric restriction History of fasting People …

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These fruits will change your life: Benefits of eating fruits

Table of contents: Less than 10% of the Western population consumes a sufficient number of fruits, which is half the total recommended consumption. Those who consume the recommended amount are believed to be healthy, reducing the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, and improving gastrointestinal health [1]. …

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Look how junk food affects your health

Excess calories shorten lifespan, and junk foods contain a very high number of calories. Unnecessary food lacking essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc., and containing large amounts of calories, fat, and sugar is known as Junk food or Discretionary food. For example, Pizza, burgers, …

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